Auslogics BoostSpeed Full Version allows you to perform some complex tasks such as cleaning up junk files, tweak Windows and Internet settings, etc. Com › System Tweak › System.

Auslogics File Recovery has the ability to preview photos and even documents while browsing through the list of found files. This tool checks your hard drives for problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. With Disk Doctor you will be able to recover data from unreadable sectors and monitor your hard drive health. This will save your data from being lost. Auslogics Disk Explorer is designed to help you track disk space usage.

It will display an intuitive and easy to understand pie chart, that will show you the largest files and folders on your disks.

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By using Disk Explorer you can easily and quickly free up additional space on your disk when needed. It defragments files on your disks, so that they can be read and written faster.

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This greatly improves applications response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance. This tool will speed up your Internet connection by optimizing numerous settings like Max MTU and RWIN specifically for the type of Internet connection you use. Unlike other similar programs, Auslogics Internet Optimizer will first test your connection settings before applying any changes.

Auslogics BoostSpeed Premium is a Windows system cleaning utility that is able to perform a number of different procedures in order to fix numerous PC performance issues and improve your overall system. Auslogics BoostSpeed Premium Download suite of tools will help you maximize your PC’s operating efficiency. Additionally, the app provides some extra features, which makes managing your system easier than before. It comes with some handy tools for privacy protection and a junk file cleanup utility that removes useless remnants from your PC. Computers are 1000 times faster now than they were ten years ago.

But did you ever feel that your slow computer could be a little faster? A faster processor is easily compromised by new features, more expensive graphics and numerous glitches in the operating system.

AusLogics BoostSpeed 9 Serial License KeyFeatures:

Worse than that, any new computer can get really slow after only a few months. Junk files, registry errors, and fragmentation accumulate to cause the slow down as well as occasional crashes. An Australian software company, Auslogics, has developed an effective remedy to Speed up a Slow Windows System – its award winning Auslogics Auslogics BoostSpeed Premium 9. Your PC is getting slower and you don’t know what exactly is causing this.

It may be clutter getting out of control, invalid registry entries, fragmented files, incorrect network or system settings, a combination thereof or a number of other things. BoostSpeed scans your computer to pinpoint the issues that may be responsible for the slowdown and provides a safe and easy way to fix them along with a complete kit of powerful tools to enhance every aspect of your PC’s performance.

At a click of a button it does all of the following (or only parts you want to be done): cleans out junk, fixes the registry, tweaks Windows and Internet settings, defragments the hard drive – all to get your PC running fast and smooth again. Auslogics BoostSpeed Premium a great way to speed up your PC and keep it clean and optimized. Speed up computer start time. Increase Internet speed, optimize your Internet Explorer, Firefox and E-mail programs. Auslogics BoostSpeed will clean up disks and the Registry to speed up your computer and tweak Windows to its peak performance.

Modify Windows settings, file system and services to greatly increase system performance. Auslogics BoostSpeed will keep monitoring your system for possible optimizations and let you know if such optimizations are possible. You can also run the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC. Real-time CPU and memory optimization. Registry cleanup and repair. Overall, Auslogics Boost-speed provides various tools to improve your system’s overall speed and performance, along with protecting your privacy and optimize your OS.

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The downside is the interface. The navigation is not as crisp as we would like to see in a product like this.

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What’s New Auslogics BoostSpeed Premium Crack? Fixed a critical bug that could cause significant performance loss on certain systems running Windows 8. Improved program launch speed. Check your system for possible optimizations in one go and much more. Crack + Portable Full Free Download Advanced Uninstaller Pro 12.

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AusLogics BoostSpeed – the ideal solution to keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. This powerful optimization suite will boost Internet connections, tweak Windows to its peak performance, clean registry and block annoying ads. Its a great way to keep your computer clean and optimized. Modify Windows settings, file system and services to greatly increase system performance. Increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autorun and error reporting features.

BoostSpeed will keep monitoring your system for possible optimizations and let you know if such optimizations are possible. You can also run the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC. Adjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increased browsing speed and reliable Internet connections. View your download speed and graphs. To gain additional performance boost you can also turn on DNS Optimization. Tired of annoying banner advertisements accompanying many web sites?

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Now you can eliminate advertisements and also speed up your Internet browsing with BoostSpeed Banner Killer! You can add your own web sites to the black list to block them from showing their advertisements. Get rid of junk on the disks and registry of your PC. Remove hazardous and space-wasting files left by untidy programs and crashes of your system. Dramatically increase the performance of your PC by cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting local disks and registry. Badly written applications constantly steal memory without giving it back. That’s why your PC becomes unstable with time and you have to reboot.

BoostSpeed automatically frees up computer memory to gain additional performance boost. You can also manually recover memory and clipboard. BoostSpeed will detect most of the popular “PC-slowers” – bundle-software (such as eDonkey or Kazaa) which silently download malware and spyware to your computer, taking up internet traffic and slowing down the system.

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This will also keep your system safe from prying eyes of spyware programs. BoostSpeed can improve performance of different software products, including Microsoft Office, Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozzila), E-mail clients (Outlook, The Bat), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Media Player and others.

Greatly increase your PC startup speed with Autorun Manager, where you can disable or remove the programs which try to load up when Windows starts up. Force-uninstall unwanted software products which take up space on your computer and slow it down. Keep your connection alive while you’re away, synchronize your computer clock with atomic clock over the Internet, lookup domain names and IP addresses, measure your Internet connection speed. Troubleshoot and improve your Internet connection and local network with an excellent selection of network management tools.

Вот вам еще одна отличная программа для оптимизации вашего компьютера. Естественно вы сможете удалять мусор с жестких дисков и системного реестра, оптимизировать установленные приложения на вашем компьютере, работать со скрытыми настройками Windows и так далее. За счет легких и простых в понимании инструментов вы сможете легко настроить систему и заставить работать ее максимально быстро, ниже можно скачать AusLogics BoostSpeed с нашего проекта. Обратите внимание, программа имеет инструмент System Adviser, который позволит вам проводить настройку системы с помощью различных 50 мини-тестов, таким образом в каждой области будут найдены все параметры которые можно оптимизировать, вам останется просто подтвердить их и перезагрузить компьютер.

Конечно же AusLogics BoostSpeed может работать с настройкой Интернет-соединения, загрузку страниц можно за счет работы с DNS, можно будет настраивать отдельно взятый браузер. Внешний вид Windows также сможете редактировать, это понравится пользователям у которых слабая система, оптимизировать всякие приложения с помощью AusLogics BoostSpeed также не составит проблем. Если вам нужно будет удалить установленные программы, то можете воспользоваться специальным инструментом, редактировать параметры оперативной памяти с помощью AusLogics BoostSpeed тоже возможно.

Особо рассказать про данный комплекс программ нечего, все очень просто и понятно, Русская поддержка присутствует, скриншоты наглядно показывают основные возможности, думаю добавлять больше ничего не нужно. На трех разных компах уже очень давно стоит эта прога и ни разу никаких проблем не было.

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Учите Русские поговорки, например: "Совершенству предела нет! Изменяется ОС, изменяются и её "спутники" -)) так что конец только с "гибелью" компании выпускающей. Никогда не претендовал на истину и не буду. Но отпишусь по написанному ниже посту. Софтина - покоробила логические диски не сильно, но в "нужных местах". БД - пришлось восстанавливать методом: авто+ручная+авто+. Кое, что сгинуло, но основное и важное - нормально. Первый раз с таким сталкиваюсь от этого продукта.

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Ранее - самое "плохое" - сносила сопоставление файлов и не более. Я уже не пользуюсь Auslogics BoostSpeed, поскольку сия прога вообще непонятно что чистит, а работоспособнось Windows нарушается. Так и знал что напишешь что-то вроде этого - типа я еще молодой и зелёный. Два кота и все равно переругались. Похоже, то что происходит у вас с компьютером делается в автоматическом режиме? Без вашего непосредственного в этом участии?.

" Нет, прога сама ничего не делает.

Достоинства оптимизатора Windows:

Просто при чистке новыми версиями (>9. Они находят при сканировании подозрительно большой объём мусора. Поэтому после сканирования я очистку не делаю - уже обжёгся пару раз.