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There are patches that don't exist on the Nexus like the ones some members have uploaded here, so post their links here to have them all gathered in one page. I wish I knew how to create patches myself and start with my own but at least I can contribute with the idea. If this thread goes well then we can contact the authors of let them know about it. Firstly, make sure you have this because it's required for some patches to work right. OK here is a new one for Requiem and Bring Out Your Dead.

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I have made no patches, at least none that are not already in circulation. There are potentially many patches to be made and of course many patches that can be merged, Skyrim modding is in a state of constant change at present - this means that it will become easier and easier to build stable multi modded games as more and more modders fall in line with key requirements, e.

Download Compatibility Patch for Internet Explorer for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB917425) from Official Microsoft Download Center

File names and USkP modifications etc. So that the CORE STEP choices become more rock solid and knowledge of scripts, spawns and engine capabilities become more commonplace and in a sense standardised. I keep my plugin list well below 200 so that I can add in patches to see what works. But this is in flux, as I have to update mods nearly everyday. Currently my mods folder in MO is taking up nearly 60 GB of memory which is not good - I will need to have a clear out.

I use different versions of mods for STEP, SR and other variations such as Nearox's Vega and tehherb's immersive survival pack. Keeping tabs on all of this is a headache especially if they all need a slightly different patch. Ultimately I am mostly keen on developing Requiem because I feel that it is what STEP is missing, if it were to incorporate the element of gameplay beyond basic vanilla improvements - then again this is what the packs idea is all about.

I have had one or two bites with respect to other members getting together developing Requiem further as far as a STEP or SR build goes but ultimately I feel that it will need it's own build to get a stable game with the full impact of what requiem delivers. This is partly why I have not as yet developed the Basic Requiem Pack further because as it is it works fine with both STEP and SR but the more mods you add in on top of that the more difficult it gets to keep the game stable.

That said my current build does crash but it has a lot going on (SR:LE + Requiem with bells on) and the CTDs are neither frequent or repeatable so it is a case of isolating script incompatibilities and or engine limitations for the latter it will come down to mod selection and patching to keep things as simple as possible for the Skyrim engine. Smile, you seem to know a lot about requiem and compatibility with it so bare in mind that I might ask some questions over time. For starters:p, I want to use these mods, - and maybe this one. Also, what happens with and?

Of course if anyone happers to know about these question, please, don't hesitate to reply.

Patch Level Compatibility

As long as those mods are loaded before Requiem. Esp then they will fit in fine. Some of the first mod is already included in Requiem. Cloaks should also be loaded before Requiem, in fact any mod that adds in equipment of any kind should be loaded before Requiem. A simple calculation is used to determine the damage weapons do and the rpotection that armor gives and this is based on vanilla values. That is a good question, it may be because IA and IW are already in Requiem, but not in their entirety.

Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches

Requiem adds in weapons and armours from a lot of well known mods, I will need to have a look at those patches to see why. Generally Requiem multiplies the stats but if any files do not have standard names then it is possible that some items would be classed incorrectly and get the wrong stats. So the patch would be to make sure such items have the correct modifiers to ensure the stats for the new equipment works. It is most likely that any equipment that you install will be fine but if it has lower than expected stats then it may need a patch - most do not though.

Patch Level Compatibility

I wonder what tools does azirok use to make the patches. Is it only tes5edit or the creation kit, too? Not exactly sure what he uses - I have, however, heard that the Dragonborn patch for Requiem doesn't always like to go through SkyProc patches - I'll try it out myself and see how it can be fixed, if at all.

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Book Covers Skyrim just got a patch for Requiem. The patch is located in the optional files section. I do believe this mod has always had one. Its last update was yesterday. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. This patch is intended to solve certain issues that occur on modern systems, related to game's usage of ancient DirectX APIs. It also enables the game to run via dgVoodoo DirectX wrapper. The main goal of this patch was to get the game running properly on all machines I have at home, which have graphics cards of all popular vendors (NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) and running Windows 10.

Pass DDCREATE_EMULATIONONLY for DirectDraw objects used for intro cinematics, prevents the Fatal error message on startup or black screen during cinematics, depending on graphics drivers. Dll to disable maximized windowed mode on Windows 8 and above, allows the game to run in real fullscreen mode on those systems and restores ability to change gamma with F2 and F3 keys. Delay execution of DllMain logic of rendering libraries to the point when the LoadLibrary call returns (startup hang prevention and dgVoodoo compatibility). Included registry fix which disables Windows' interfering with the game, launcher.

This interference can make the game crash or not start when ran through launcher under certain circumstances.

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Files in this archive were tested with retail version of the game, they may work with other versions, just make sure neither sft8lib. Dll are present in the root game folder, the patch bundles updated ones in data\Stealth\Render and having the old ones in the root folder overriding the new ones is a recipe for disaster. It's also recommended to setup the game to use dgVoodoo 2 wrapper for the best experience, though it's not mandatory.

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Extract the contents of Soulbringer folder into your own, overwriting original files. Apply Disable_Soulbringer_Compat_Fixes. Reg registry fix which takes care of launcher issues. This may not take effect until you right-click on Soulbringer. Exe, go to compatibility tab and click OK to cause Windows to register new settings. If you're not going to use dgVoodoo with the game, you should set Reduced color mode (8-bit) on all game executables' Compatibility tab (Soulbringer.

Exe), it won't actually downgrade the colors, but it allows for rendering modes enumeration to work properly. This is only needed on Windows 8 and above. If you want software mode to not have garbled colors without dgVoodoo, apply Soulbringer_Palette_Fix_x86. Reg (32-bit Windows) or Soulbringer_Palette_Fix_x64. Note that the software mode doesn't work on Windows 8 and above without dgVoodoo. Launch Soulbringer, click Video, make sure any DX6 option is selected then choose the desired game resolution.

The ones with 4:3 aspect ratio are the best given that game can't deal with wider aspect ratios. Other modes can work, but run too fast without forcing VSYNC (60 Hz) or capping frame-rate to 60 FPS. Click Advanced and make sure the EAX option is disabled unless you're sure you have a working setup that supports running DirectSound3D games with EAX effects and EAX Unified is installed. There is a strange issue with game on Windows 8 and above, it doesn't pick up on all rendering modes unless Reduced color mode (8-bit) is selected from its Compatibility tab under Properties.

When run for the very first time, it works though.

It always works properly when run through dgVoodoo. Contrary to what the game ReadMe says, DX6 mode actually seems to run faster than DX7 and doesn't have the problem activating VSYNC to keep the FPS at 60.

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Running too fast makes the game glitchy. The downside, text is blurry, needs some sort of fix related to texel alignment, ATI specific fix is called Altertnate Pixel Centers, PixelCenter (31 00 00 00) setting in registry, no idea how to set it on application basis on today's drivers, irrevelant solution for NVIDIA and Intel, doesn't work with dgVoodoo neither. Future version of dgVoodoo may have a fix for that. With recent NVIDIA drivers, without using dgVoodoo, game may hang when tabbing out, press CTRL ALT DEL, then ESC to get to the desktop.

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